“Star Wars – The Dan Mumford Series” by John Williams

Hello! Today I’m presenting you both old and new stuff. Over the course of the last few weeks London based freelance illustrator Dan Mumford released the full set of art prints that he did for The Last Jedi. I took this opportunity and turned them into four different custom covers, just like I did roughly two years ago for The Force Awakens (I overhauled those as well). Assuming that there’ll be four more artworks in two more years, at the latest, for Episode IX, I thought that it’s finally time to give these ladies their own spotlight.


In case you’re interested in having these designs in physical form, I Am Shark released all four designs for The Force Awakens on Vinyl. And they probably will do the same for The Last Jedi as well.


  1. Anonymous

    Marvelous. Thank you, I have been waiting for these.

  2. Aaron

    It would be great to see the original trilogy special edition soundtrack covers using the limited edition DVD covers. I love these covers much better than the original standard cover that was used on the Sony soundtrack release.

    1. Good idea! I’ll keep that in mind for an upcoming SW post later this year.

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