“The Post” by John Williams

I cook covers on low flame, keeping the oven hot at all times. And by that I mean that a lot of these published custom covers series you see here have been in development for a long, long time. Even already finished custom covers reside inside my Google Drive folder, waiting for their light of day. And it’s not unusual, that I overhaul them right before publishing. Often times the most striking ideas come in those last moments. The Green Mile is the perfect example for that working method, for there is nearly a two years break in between the first cover and the last one.

This post for The Post isn’t one of those never-ending stories. Due to a rather lackluster original cover I wanted to come up with my own version (#1). I started toying around in Photoshop and I followed through with it – all within roughly 30 minutes. I then decided to come up with another custom cover (#2), because I really hate single image blog posts.

That’s basically the whole story behind this one. It surely isn’t on Pentagon Papers levels. But it’s something. Another entry in the bank. Case closed.

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