“The Green Mile” by Thomas Newman

Next Sunday, when the annual Academy Awards will come to an end for the 89th time, it will also be the 14th time that Thomas Newman hasn’t won an Oscar. He got his first nomination in 1994, so this means in a period of twenty-three years, Newman was nominated on average every one and a half years. And he lost every. single. time.

Keep that in mind when you feel sorry for yourself the next time.

I wanted to post this set of The Green Mile in honor of a man who has composed some of the most beautiful, emotional and heartfelt film music of all time. A man who hasn’t lost his faith in poetic justice. And in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He wears the crown of shit. But he wears it with dignity.

Right before the 2006 Academy Awards he was asked what it feels like to have failed to win an Oscar eight times. Newman ironically replied: “No, I’ve failed seven times. This will be my eighth.”

Oh Tom you poor fellow, I’m really sorry! The only positive thing about this is that next year, when you’re going to lose against Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it will be your 15th Anniversary. And I will be there cheering for you!


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  2. […] bit like a bad joke for this accomplished composer by now. As mentioned in an earlier blog post for The Green Mile, Thomas Newman so far was nominated for an Oscar every 1.5 years on average – only to […]


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